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Working At Almost Heaven

Here at Almost Heaven, we take pride in our clean, friendly environment and exceptional homemade ice cream. We make it our mission to spread happiness through both our customer service and the quality of our ice cream--an experience for all to enjoy! We love what we do and we want our customers to love our service.

What is it like to work at Almost Heaven? I've got the inside scoop! (See what I did there?)

We are like a family here at Almost Heaven. We expect our employees to treat each other with kindness and respect. Employees at all levels work in harmony to build exceptional customer service and production of our super-premium ice cream. We work hard, but we also have fun together. So yes, we get dishes done and clean the floors at night, but we're most likely singing along to the music playing while doing so.

We have an incredible team behind the face of Almost Heaven--like the moving parts of a car, we wouldn't be complete and functional without them. So, who exactly is our team constructed of? Let me break it down for you!

Out in the front of both the Canton shop and Alliance shop, we have our amazing Scoopers. It's their job to welcome our customers and serve them with a kind presence. They are friendly and proficient. Our Scoopers are trained in how to scoop ice cream properly, make our homemade milkshakes on the spindles, and sundaes and our very own Dippy Twisters! During the summer season, you can see how skilled our scoopers are when they are running both our drive-thru and storefront service.

In the back of the Alliance store, we have our wonderful producers. It is their job to make super-premium ice cream for all of our locations. They pay attention to all the little details. Our producers are astute, focused, and creative. We encourage our production team to think outside of the box--expanding their ideas to create new flavors, sundaes, Brutus Blasts, etc. Their job is to take inventory daily, move our product around as needed, determine what needs to be made, and then, of course, make it! During the summer, our producers are producing up to 20 batches of a certain flavor a shift!

Overseeing it all, we have our management team. Every car needs an engine--the managers keep us going smoothly and fully-functional. They are hard-working, judicious, and rational. Their job is to place the orders to our suppliers so that we don't run out of anything, run the social media accounts, handle the scheduling, keep track of the daily money count, and supervise the shift. Without them, we'd be a fish hook without the line.

As you can see, without any piece of our team, Almost Heaven wouldn't be Almost Heaven. Without each other, we'd fall short of the excellence we strive for daily. Truly, we stand together as a team that chases after virtue, quality, and greatness. We're looking for people who want to pursue that dream with us.

The environment of Almost heaven is exciting and fun! If you can picture yourself as a part of the Almost Heaven team, well, what are you waiting for?! Apply online at our website and join our team! We'd love to have you!

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