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Always Enjoyable!

"Amazing ice cream, made fresh on-site. Salty caramel is my favorite, but if you want a flavor they don't have, just ask. Not one employee is without a smile. Always enjoyable!"

(from Amy, posted to Facebook on March 29, 2016)


Best in the World? Perhaps!

"Hands down the best ice cream I have ever had. I've lived in 8 different states and been to 5 different countries. I repeat best ice cream."

(from Tony, posted to Facebook on March 24, 2015)


Second to None!

"...This ice cream is second to none. The appearance, texture, and flavor are absolutely amazing! Now we're looking for excuses (as if one needs an excuse to eat ice cream!) to get back across town to try some of the other flavors!"

(from Aaron, posted to Google Maps on July 3, 2009)



"...When I finally gave in my mouth was overwhelmed with the creaminess! You've gotta give Almost Heaven a shot - or maybe a pint!"

(from Benjamin, posted to Google Maps on July 6, 2009)


A Great Choice!

"After driving past this ice cream shop many times, I decided to give them a try. Ordering by ounce took me off guard, but you definitely feel like you get what you're paying for... Great, creamy homemade ice cream, original flavors, (free) homemade waffle cones and more—all at a good price!"

(from dbrown, posted to Google Maps on July 15, 2009)


Perfect for a Rainy Day

"Yes, it was raining outside. But I was craving ice cream! I stopped by Almost Heaven on my way home from work, and their drive-through option was quick, convenient, and I didn't need to use an umbrella... I got a small bowl of their cookie dough with sprinkles, and it was the perfect size, at a low cost, and it didn't melt all over my car! I would recommend this ice cream to anyone, rain or shine."

(from Kate, posted to Google Maps on July 21, 2009)

General Information

Phone:    (330) 587-1094

Address: 6590 Middlebranch Ave. NE
              Canton, OH 44721



    Todd A. Truax

    Chief Executive Scooper

    Jared Truax

    Chief Financial Scooper

    Kala Hartson

    Director of Operation



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