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Bride and Groom

Your wedding day will be a dream with our homemade ice cream!

Photography by: Adrienne Gerber

One Scoop Away From Happily Ever After

First of all, we want to say congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Planning your wedding is exciting and should be as stress-free as possible. We are here to help make your dream wedding come true! Ice cream may not be the traditional wedding dessert, but you won't miss out on the experience or taste! Many people are searching for ways to make their wedding unique and personal and if you're ice cream lovers like we are, there isn't a better dessert to share on your special day than that. Who doesn't love ice cream?

Our goal is to cater to different ideas and budgets so we have created different options for our brides to choose from. Our ice cream is super-premium, which means that it is made with only the best ingredients. The ice cream is made to order for each event and we cater to nut, dairy, and gluten allergies if necessary. Two of our friendly staff members dressed in a formal uniform would be present on your special day to set up, serve ice cream, and clean up. You wouldn't miss out on a dessert tasting either. Schedule an appointment with our catering team today! We would love to meet you and get an idea of what your style and vision is. 

Schedule a tasting

Don't miss out on the fun of a tasting! Request a quote and then schedule your tasting. We have 20+ flavors to choose from and we want to find your favorites! We will go through the different packages and flavors we offer and answer any questions you have. 

Adrienne Gerber Photography.jpg

Photography by: Adrienne Gerber

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