Over the years Almost Heaven Ice Cream has created a mission of spreading positivity and happiness while providing a friendly and clean environment where customers can enjoy the ultimate ice cream experience, along with guiding young adults into the beginning of their working careers. Almost Heaven is a vibrant work environment where the staff of all levels come together and express creativity and exceptional customer service.

Almost Heaven Ice Cream is a family-owned and operated business.  What once started as a dream, is now a reality.  In 2006 the Truax family attended the “Ice Cream University” and “Successful Ice Cream Retailers” with goals of opening a storefront location.  Sons, Matthew and Jared teamed up to create over 20 homemade ice cream flavors that are now sold at the storefront; while Todd became the head of operations, or Chief Executive Scooper as we like to call him.  Doors first opened in Spring of 2008.

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Happy Fourth of July! Stop by before the