Ice Cream Pies

Ice Cream Pies are available for pickup. Consider serving a pie at your next celebration! Check your local shop for available pies.

Ice Cream Cakes
that taste like Heaven

Each Cake is Handmade just for your special celebration! Choose the Flavors, The colors, and the inscription or design. Check out some past cakes for inspiration.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

A traditional ice cream cake has two layers of your choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream and of course the fudgy crunchy goodness everyone loves in the center.

Build Your Own
What's your favorite flavor?

Choose up to two of our homemade flavors to create your own dream cake! Our signature cake is made with our award-winning Butter Pecan and Salty Carmel with a fudge crunch in the center.

Mini Cakes
Perfect Individual Cakes

The deliciousness of an ice cream cake served in our 6 oz dish. There is a layer of chocolate ice cream, fudge crunch in the center, and then a layer of vanilla ice cream. Finally, the mini cake is topped with Icing that's always a fun surprise. 

Try our mini cake!
Pumpkin Mini Cake!
Valentine’s Day Mini Cake