How to Order

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3...

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Craving Sweetness?

There are 3 ways to reach Almost Heaven.


1. Walk- Up

There's nothing better than a sundae on a beautiful summer night.

Take a family bike ride, walk your dog, stroll hand in hand with a loved one, or hang out with a group of your closest friends at our convenient Middlebranch location

2. Drive- Thru

Swing by when you want a sweet pick-me-up after work.

Our friendly and enthusiastic servers will make sure your ice cream is served in a speedy fashion, and we'll provide extra napkins so you won't drip in the car.

3. Catering

Have a craving for Almost Heaven? We'll come to you!

Almost Heaven Homemade Ice Cream will provide an Ice Cream Social for you!! Check out our Catering Layout









Almost Heaven ice cream is simply delicious...

and ordering is deliciously simple!



1. Select a ice cream flavor

(Personally, we love all of them)

We have over  30 Flavors of ice cream to pick from It could be your favorite or something new. All of our ice cream recipes are original, designed by the Truaxs. Unlike some ice cream shops, our flavors don't come from powdered mix in a box, but are created by all-natural flavors right in our store. Plus, if you have a genius idea for an ice cream flavor not found on our current menu, you can Suggest Your Own and if we believe others will like your idea, we'll create it and feature it as our Flavor of the Month!


2. Choose amount of ice cream

(Get as much as you want, we won't judge)

 You can choose from 1 scoop, 2 scoops or even 3 scoops.


3. Enjoy Almost Heaven!

(We know you want to!)